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About Us

We love our job!

Why? ... Because our greatest satisfaction is having clients who are delighted with their new Swift commercial space and the service they’ve experienced.  That’s our aim and that’s what shapes the way our company operates:  Customer satisfaction.

We work with people like you who want to more commercial space and are discerning about how you get it.  We offer you an abundance of experienced technical designers, technical engineers, skilled installers and proficient craftsmen, time-served factory based fabricators and a whole host of carefully selected professionals who are able to add real panache and ‘WOW’ to your desired commercial project.

What are the key qualities that you demand from your commercial building?

What are the elements that will make it special and create a space that’s fully used all year round, giving you a fabulous ROI?

What are the aspects that you want to avoid, following your experiences from the past and accumulated business knowledge?

What kind of service genuinely makes you smile spontaneously and feel good about your decision?  This is SO important when inviting people into your workplace and ensuring they can deliver what you want and to your specification.  Swift go the extra mile to ensure that you actually enjoy the process!

What are the things that you’re looking forward to in the whole process of creating your extra space?  We will tease out of you the exciting elements that will make your business space unique and tailor-made for you.

When you’ve answered the questions above, we are confident that you’ll immediately appreciate just how Swift operate and in a way that will match, and even exceed your expectations.

What are the values that form the base of our Swift business?

  • We are a family business that enjoys every aspect of its business.  We enjoy it because we love delivering a service and a product that delights you throughout the whole process...and beyond
  • We believe in strong, genuine relationships that enable us to really understand what you need from us.  Everything is about you and we build from there.
  • We believe in being and using the best... the best people, the best materials and the best resources to give you your best building.  Anything less for your Swift Commercial building is unacceptable.
  • We believe in what we do and apply ourselves to ensure continuous improvement.  That way you know you’re getting the best we can offer... and we know that makes it very good indeed.  We strive to constantly improve and excel in all areas because life experience tells us how important that is to you.
  • We believe in getting the perfect solution for you and your needs... because that’s simply what you deserve.   Why compromise when you can get seriously excited about your new project, knowing you have everything you want?

Maybe this doesn’t sound like your typical builder............... there is a reason behind that!

The Swift Family Team

The Swift Organisation was founded by husband and wife team, Martin and Cath Lawson. They have been in business together for over 25 years, so they know exactly how each other thinks, as well as working to each other’s strengths.  They both play active roles in the day-to-day running of the Swift business to ensure that the company core values and beliefs are put into practice every step of the way.  That means that you receive a personal and friendly service that will change your opinion about builders forever!

The business has outgrown its former office and in 2012 moved to a newly created office suite at ARMCON Business Park in Poynton, Cheshire.  This has certainly helped the Swift Organisation to grow and be able to offer more services to their exacting standards.  More staff personnel have joined the Swift team and each give a beneficial and varied contribution to what they offer you.  


Martin’s role is in the design and build of your Swift Home Extension.   He ensures that the project management of your build is exceptional from start to finish.  He constantly works closely with suppliers and craftsmen to ensure that your Swift working space is of the highest calibre and is installed as efficiently as possible...always ensuring less worry and upheaval for you.

Martin takes a very hands-on approach to his work, always guaranteeing that he can examine, understand and be confident about all the elements that go into your building.  For example, throughout the first two years of trading, he played a key role in the installation of every single project, getting to know every SIPS panel, each fixing screw, adhesive, and method of construction.  He has been trained in the application of the superb Firestone EPDM roofing system, something that is vital to fully appreciate the finer application details.  This means your building will give you long term enjoyment and defend against the elements as it should.  Martin walks his talk and is able to offer all of his clients a wealth of practical experience.  He also ensures that his staff are equally trained and equipped to ensure your build is efficient and outstanding in both quality and design.


Cath is a successful businesswoman, coach and mentor and her intuitive nature has been hugely influential in developing the core values and strengths of the Swift Organisation.  Cath continually feeds the business with the systems and the “soul” that enables clients to relax in the knowledge that their personal preferences are ‘top’ on the order of priority in the whole project. 

Her behind-the-scenes role supports the way that the network of professionals within the Swift Organisation can all focus upon the satisfaction of their clients.  She encourages team work and motivates staff to be committed, thorough and flexible in their dealings with Swift clients.

The current support team is made up of Kylie and Amber who work together to keep the whole process running smoothly, from your first contact with Swift to the time when you receive the keys to your new commercial building.  They’re always there to answer your queries and ready to take action to ensure everything goes to plan.  They smile...a lot...and their aim is to make certain that you smile a lot too! 

Martin and Cath's son, Adam, plays a frequent role in many of the Swift projects in the North West.  He independently owns Swift Tree Services with his partner Stephen and they’re often first on site to manage the clearance of any branches, trees and hedges that are either in the way, or will be difficult to reach once the new building is complete.  You can connect with their website by clicking here: www.swifttreeservices.com.

What about everyone else?  Swift have an expansive team of skilled and solution-focused professionals who can deal with all of your projects demands.

  • Designers and architects
  • Independent Building Inspectors
  • Structural engineers and draughtsmen
  • Highly skilled installers
  • Landscape designers
  • Audio-visual and entertainment designers and suppliers
  • Interior designers

Swift design commercial buildings that are significantly more eco-friendly than most traditionally built structures.  The business is run in a responsible and aware manner, to include being a member of "Green Achiever UK".  Swift also gained the much coveted membership of The Federation of Master Builders in 2012 and are proud to be a part of one of the industry’s most respected and coveted associations. 

Trust and integrity are at the foundation of the Swift Organisation and are viewed as highly important business values.  Martin and Cath believe this is the only way to do honest business and create a win-win for everybody.  This attitude is reflected in their exacting choice of suppliers, professional advisors and contractors who form the rest of the Swift Organisation project team.

They love living out their values and incorporating these values throughout their whole company.  This makes them strong in their beliefs and enables them to offer an outstanding and honest service which is built upon this strong foundation of trust and integrity.

They look forward to being of exemplary service to you.