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Design is the process of creating the room that you aspire to add to your commercial operation.  The appearance! The style! The statement!  This process takes your ideas and inspirations and combines them with functionality, structural integrity and budget.  What do you want your new business space to provide for you? Swift create buildings for you that have the size, specification, layout and style that specifically suit your needs and reflect your branding.  

What inspires you?

Some of our clients are already very sure of the look and style that they want.  So maybe for you this is a new room that perfectly matches your existing materials of your commercial buildings.  More often, style conscious business owners are looking to create a space that is empathetic to their branding and true sense of individuality.  Your space can do more than perform all the required functions; it can have a sense of integrity and success!  After all – you want your building to be an extension of your business and even one which reflects your values.  Perhaps you might like the use of contrasting high quality external facings/claddings or maybe a shape that declares the beauty of your new building? 

The great thing is that you have choices and the ability to expand your selection beyond the norm.  Your inspiration may be being taken from the very pages that you’re looking at right now, or perhaps from the pages of a stylish magazine.  Maybe you’re still searching for inspiration in which case we can work with you to create a completely new concept that is entirely yours.  How exciting! This is your opportunity to create a building which says something positive about your business and encourages the people using it to be just as inspiring.  We have designers and architects that understand the process of one-off designs, as well as the flexibility and potential of the SIP panel system of building that we employ.

What are the limits of individuality?

Let us try and push those limits, if that’s what excites you!  We always ensure that your new building is structurally engineered to perfection and that the combinations of materials are durable and work well together. 
Here are some ideas that may inspire you:

How do we start?

This is where you can appreciate the attention that Swift devotes to you and the extent of their resources to enable you to move forward with purpose and excitement.  We help you to make sound and sensible decisions about the commercial space that you’re planning.  We ask the quality questions that enable you to examine what it is that you want, as well as what you think you need.

The basis of your decision should embrace important factors that include:

  • What is your new space being used for?
  • What size do you require as a necessity and do you want to add more?
  • What facilities do you need and what facilities would you like if your budget allows?
  • What features do you envisage which will make a difference to your business and increase your revenue?
  • Do you see your new space seamlessly integrating with your existing building and setting, or can you imagine Swift creating a statement of individuality?
  • What budget do you have available and do you need finance?

Looking at photographs of our other buildings in our Case Studies/Gallery pages on all of our Swift websites  These images will show you examples of the styles and designs that have been favoured by our existing and diverse clients.  This may spark off a new ideas which you believe works for your commercial setting and the service you offer.  We can also send you a selection of photographs of architectural features and styles that we’ve collected from other buildings… a great way to test your reaction to new and innovative ideas.  What are your preferences? ... A traditional wooden barn finish that matches the styles in your part of Britain, or does an Art-Deco influence excite you?  Or maybe you’re attracted to ultramodern Cubism or a camouflaged eco structure?  How is your new Swift space going to open up your mind and create more business for you?

When we know your preferences and aspirations we can discuss the best way forward for your project.  The design stage may be quite straightforward and rapid, or we may agree to devote the services of one of our associate architects or designers to work with you for a totally bespoke and original concept.  Whichever you prefer, we confirm any costs and commitments between us that enable us to move you forward towards your dream building.

Are you ready to have an informal chat about your commercial ideas and expectations?  Please click here to make contact… our Swift team are ready to listen.