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Welcome to Swift Commercial

Swift Commercial buildings give you an opportunity to either extend the accommodation you already utilise or enjoy a different, new building where you can offer a fresh product or service.  Due to the quality, speed and efficiency of our system, you can be confident Swift Commercial will design and build your new space quickly and efficiently. Your desire for more commercial space is promptly and imaginatively brought into reality.  This enables you to be in operation and making profit at the earliest opportunity.  From design to handover, our team are committed to exceeding your expectations. 

When you choose to have a Swift commercial building, you make a decision to do something a little differently. You’re selecting a process that we’ve refined to allow you to actually enjoy the whole experience.

The construction was quick with the framework being made in the factory and brought to site ready to be put into place. Everyone involved worked so well together
MH, (Bollington, Cheshire)

Your building is a solid, permanent and beautifully finished structure, whilst the design collaboration concentrates upon how you can best make use of your space to enhance your business and increase your revenue. The usually expected disruption during the build process which can cause stress and inevitable delays to your daily business operations is typically lessened by the Swift off-site preparation system carried out prior to construction.

When you desire more commercial space it may be for a number of varied reasons, such as:

  • Your existing business simply needs more office space
  • You’re adding a new showroom to promote your new product or service
  • You want more hotel accommodation offering High-end studio apartments with luxury additional facilities such as a hot tub
  • You want a special leisure space such as a gym
  • You need to add more classrooms for special children who will benefit from a dedicated learning environment
  • You  require additional homes for your residential park
  • You’re desperate to replace your tired and draughty conservatory restauarant

The use of your commercial room is matched by Swift’s willingness and ability to design and install your space so it’s tailor-made to your needs, desires and tastes.   You’re in good hands every step of the way so you reach a final result that delights and reassures you.  We build our relationship with you before we even begin to think about building your new space.

Our building certificate was issued on 4th May 2011 for this magnificent free standing pre-school room. The outside wood cladding was a sight to behold, and the whole appeal of the building stunning. Swift, with Martin Lawson at the helm had triumphed again.
MH, (Macclesfield, Cheshire)

Swift is one of the longest established companies using SIP panel technology to create more space for business owners.  Swift has built new rooms for clients throughout the UK and their proven process and attention to detail enables clients like you to be confident that your investment is in safe hands.  Nurseries, Sound Studios, Creative Arts Studios are included in the list of our extensive and successful projects.  

Our prime intention is for you to be inspired by our service and thrilled that you entrusted us with the responsibility of creating more space for you to operate your business.

The first crucial step is to carefully consider the details which make your commercial space special for you.  This is a fun process that is fuelled by our mutual desire to "get it right.”

Just as important is the Swift project management system which you’re benefitting from.  You know everything that’s going on, when to expect deliveries, when there is some noise and what progress there is to see.  We want to protect you from the surprises that can make your life stressful.  We want you to know:

  • The precise cost of your commercial project
  • How long the project takes to complete
  • When we start and finish
  • What we ask you to do (make choices about colour schemes and floor finishes, grant us access for service connections and any knock-through/making good activities)
  • What access we need and how much space we require around your existing business as the process unfolds

Mostly, we want you to carry on enjoying and benefitting from your investment for a very long time. We only use the very best materials and craftsmen to ensure that your new space is a solid, efficient and permanent feature of your company.

We also provide all our commercial customers with a 10 year insurance backed structural warranty. We keep in touch with our clients because we value your ongoing satisfaction, enjoyment and feedback about your Swift building and experience.

At Swift we provide excellent value for money.  Our projects are built to bespoke sizes and specifications so it is impossible to produce a “standard” price list.  Please go to our “Prices” page for some useful examples which give an indication as to your likely investment levels.  The one thing that you can be sure of is that your Swift space is principally well built, using excellent quality materials.
Swift are able to refer you to experts in financial arrangements so that you have the opportunity to discover and then consider your options for financing your investment.  

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