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“Landscaping is both science and art, and requires good observation and design skills. A good landscaper understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly”
Wikipedia 2013

Exactly!  At Swift we realise that there are innumerable factors to be considered during the complex process of designing an environment that’s beautiful, well functioning and thrives over time.   We know qualities such as climate, orientation to the sun, plant choices, drainage of the area, furnishings, lighting, and artistic focal points are just a few of the elements for incorporation into a successful landscape design layout, which will ensure maximum impact and enjoyment of the space.

What are the benefits to you in considering some landscape design service to compliment your new commercial space?  Sadly, the investment in landscaping is often the last thing on your mind and is down to “whatever is left over at the end!"  However, the landscaping around your new commercial building can have a dramtic and positive impact upon how your branding and business are perceived by potential clients and business associates.  Also, your new building is likely to make some dramatic changes to the look of your location and possibly the outlook from your various windows .  This is why it’s often advisable to consider this service from the very beginning so the whole setting is without compromise.  Once we have established the size and style of your commercial building, then the connection with your location should be considered to maximise the inter-relationship and the flow between the two. 

 The expert eye of a trained and qualified landscape designer can introduce minor changes to the details of your room that could greatly improve the appearance and outlook.  Enhanced privacy, better access, shelter from the sun or rain and allowing for future development of the commercial buildings and theri environment can also be improved with careful landscaping.

By improving the appearance of your commercial space in its setting, you also improve the satisfaction that you, your workforce and your clients gain from your new space.  

How does it work?  We talk to you about the option of our landscaping services at an early stage of our conversations.  The exact service depends upon your setting, your budget and your desired outcomes.  We have different people who advise and assist you from the simplest access pathway or positioning of pots and a flower bed, to a complete and dramatic exterior make-over that completely transforms your setting.

What is the extent of our service?  Our prime aim is to provide you with a design.  This can be in the form of a conceptual drawing or plan, to a fully detailed scheme which includes levels, construction requirements, planting and scheduling.  Where we have trusted and reliable garden landscapers we certainly recommend their involvement.  Where we don’t, then we are able to guide you in the procedure of finding a suitable installer.  We believe that a local installer is often an advantage to you, knowing the growing conditions in the area and being available to you as your planting settles in and matures.

At Swift we do encourage you to include some degree of landscaping into your project.  Your commercial building is an important part of your complete commercial setting and just like furnishings and colour schemes will greatly enhance the interior, landscaping will create vistas from your windows and make your commercial situation look equally as impressive from the outside. 

Where possible we’re able to help you visualise what your new room will look like when it’s erected in your particular location.  We create a photo montage of your new space as it will appear on your home.  This is only a rough image of your project but it can be valuable to those who can work better with pictures than words.  

For more information about our Landscape Services please give us a call or drop us a line