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Commercial Prices

We believe that we offer unbeatable value for your investment.  Your commercial project is designed and tailor-made to your specification.... and you receive the service and the permanent accommodation that precisely matches your aspirations and your budget.

When adding much needed commercial space, there are dozens of factors that must be taken into account to ensure that the price quotation you receive from Swift Commercial is accurate and dependable.  Here are some of the areas that are inspected upon your site survey and can influence the level of your investment;

  • Size of your building, roof-style and overall appearance and surface materials.
  • Level of complexity if linking to your existing building; floor levels, openings, existing pipes and drains (above and below ground), etc.
  •  Style and extent of doors and windows
  • Available services from your present commercial site; electricity, heating, water, etc.
  • Ground conditions and access to your site
  • Is planning permission required?
  • What features are you looking to enjoy in your new space?

Swift use SIP panel technology to create the structure of your new commercial building.  These large, pre-cut and prepared building sections are brought to site in readiness for impressively rapid erection.  The additional cost of this modern and highly effective system is offset by the reduction in site labour because of the speed of installation. 

Generally, your Swift building is comparable in price to a traditionally built structure, though you benefit from the excellence of a technologically advanced system that’s now widely included in British construction at all levels.

We don’t attempt to produce a definitive price-list because we know that Swift’s bespoke approach makes this impractical and could even confuse or, inadvertently, make it harder for you to gain the information you’re seeking.

You want to know if the price of a Swift Commercial project matches your anticipated budget.   We want you to be sure that our quality, specification and flexibility falls within your expectations and that you’re aware of our authentic and transparent pricing system.

What we are setting out here are some typical examples so that you can see the likely level of your investment in your Swift commercial venture.  Then, when we both have confidence that we match each other’s expectations, we can move forward with your quest for your exciting new space.

  1. Please look at the examples below
  2. Contact us, either by phone for a chat, or send us an email so that we can start putting together an idea of your perfect extension.  Then, even before carrying out a survey and meeting you face-to-face, we can give you an indicative assessment of the process and costs involved.
  3. Ready to start making this real?  We can come and see you to carry out a site survey and discuss your preferences and aspirations in more detail.

What determines the cost of your own project? 

Swift have a team of designers and professionals who can take on almost any element of your project for a new commercial space.  From conceptual design to the fitting of highly advanced automation systems... we aim to keep the whole process under our management and supervision..... if that’s what suits you best.  That’s why we listen so much.  We want to work with you to create your optimum new space, taking on the roles that match your aspirations and your budget. 

Additional features and attractions that you may aspire to within your project may include:

  • Structural and decorative use of glazing
  • Contemporary lighting control and special effect systems
  • Integrated sound and vision systems
  • Additional toilet/shower/bathroom/kitchen facilities
  • Self contained office suite
  • Seamless connection with the outside environment, if appropriate
  • Air-sourced heat pump climate control 

And there are dozens of other elements that we can include or exclude to suit your needs.

Financing your Swift Investment

You deserve the same high standards of advice and consideration for your financial arrangements as any other element of your project.  All of our bespoke commercial projects represent a significant and sound investment.  Your financial circumstances and demands could present you with all kinds of options:

  1. Outright purchase using available investments
  2. Additional mortgage or loan advance from existing lender
  3. Loan facilities from existing bank
  4. Business lease-purchase scheme
  5. Short term secured or unsecured loan

If you would like to consider all the options then please call or email us and we can pass your enquiry onto the most suitable professional advisor.