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What space does your business or commercial operation require? Whatever it is, would it be an advantage to have a one-stop design, fabrication and installation service to call upon?
Swift Commercial handles projects that produce permanent, high quality buildings of any shape size and configuration, and they do it fast. A team of designers, engineers, planning experts and surveyors will help you to create the structure that will best fit your requirements and then manage the whole process for you.

At the heart of every building is the SIP technology that produces robust and permanent buildings that are superbly insulated and require minimal maintenance. The time spent in the factory, producing each section of your new building, is time saved on site, which means less disruption for you and a quicker completion to enable you to start benefitting from the new space.

Here are some examples of the buildings that may benefit your commercial operation:

  • Offices – individual or multiple units, annexed to existing buildings or self contained with all required facilities
  • Showrooms – incorporating the design elements that will showcase your products and services in their best light and give your client the very best experience
  • Sales Suites – permanent or demountable and customised your exact design specification
    Accommodation – for the hotel and leisure industry. Fast, efficient and desirable bedroom and living accommodation for paying clientele. Perfect for adding bedrooms to existing hotels or tourism-based attractions with minimal disruption and upheaval
  • Classroom units – additional classrooms and study suites for schools and colleges, sometimes replacing inferior temporary units with comfortable, efficient and aspirational place for learning
  • Nursery schools – anything from an additional room to boost the numbers in your existing nursery, to a complete facility that will be custom-made to compliment your business plan and impress local parents
  • Music and recording facilities – a specialist area in which we can call upon our experience and expertise to provide professional standard studios in any setting

Most businesses will benefit from the speed and quality of our service. Less down-time, faster return on investment and a solution-focussed service that has your interests at heart.